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How to Increase Giving in Your Church

“Quick Summary” Top 21 creative and effective fundraising ideas for churches that will support social welfare programs, church growth, and why is Church growth important without exhausting their members.

There are many heartwarming stories of Individual contributions and communities joining together to help local churches in their time of need, but unfortunately, this aid isn’t always enough. Churches do many things! From community gatherings to hosting events to providing free education for orphans, raising money is vital to support the church’s mission and operations.

To ensure they have funds to continue their vital work and society welfare programs, churches must continue to look for new and unique church fundraising ideas. Churches need a strong financial foundation to pay staff, maintain the church premises, and run several welfare activities. They just cannot rely on collecting tithes alone.

Earlier, churches accepted offerings on Sunday by passing around the collection plates, but now they take it up a notch. These fundraising ideas for the church will help ministries continue making a difference in people’s lives and simultaneously allow you to build a strong community. Encouraging your members to support your church’s goals will take your congregants’ bond beyond simple greetings.

However, generating thriving church fundraiser ideas is challenging even for the most seasoned fundraisers. No matter what your church is raising money for, you’ll find many exciting Church fundraising ideas here. You can start working on them today and get tips on implementing them.

Here are Top 21 Ways for Increase Giving in Your Church

Increasing church giving isn’t a new thing, as fundraising has been done for decades by churches. But church fundraising ideas must be as practical and effective as they seem in theory. Here, we listed “Increase church giving” ideas with fresh and innovative ideas. However, the most effective fundraiser ideas for churches that suit your church location, community, and congregation. Let’s dive into the top 21 ideas to solve your church's “How to increase church giving” concern.

1. Timeless Raffle Baskets

Raffle baskets contain alluring items that encourage people to buy tickets. The goal is to make the baskets as appealing as possible to boost ticket sales. Items in raffle baskets are usually donated or obtained at a low cost, allowing the church to maximize its funds from ticket sales.

2. Organize Fundraising Events

  • Host a Sports Event: Organizing sports tournaments or pay-to-play challenges can attract kids and college students. Church can also host a 5k race with entry fees, which can also generate funds.
  • Sunday Morning Greetings: Setting up a coffee stand and offering coffee, hot chocolate in winter, or lemonade in summer to congregants on Sunday mornings can provide a steady source of income through giving in thanks.
  • Host Trivia Events: Organizing talent quizzes, bingo nights, or restaurant trivia events can be fun and family-friendly. Sell entry tickets and set up a donation table to educate attendees about church activities and fundraising goals.

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3. Run One-for-One Campaign

The One-for-one concept popularized by TOMS involves offering a "buy one, give one" deal. For example, if your church is helping the homeless. You can organize a community lunch at a partner restaurant or cafe where customers buy a meal, and a portion of the proceeds go toward providing a meal to someone in need.

4. Online Fundraising Campaigns

Launch specific meta campaigns to raise funds for various church initiatives, such as church renovation, feeding the homeless, supporting solitary senior citizens, and compensating those who maintain the church. Church ministries can make it more impactful by sharing stories of how these campaigns have positively impacted lives to encourage ongoing support.

5. Membership Program

Design membership programs that clearly define their purpose and the benefits to members. These programs should encourage individuals to financially support and volunteer for the church's mission while receiving value.

6. Create Small Groups of Dedicated Volunteers

Split church members into small volunteer groups that align with different church's missions. These teams can help spread the message of God and engage in fundraising efforts that support the church's goals.

7. Annual 4-Week Series on Biblical Stewardship

Conduct an annual series, lasting four weeks or even weekly, focusing on biblical stewardship principles, including tithing. Educate the congregation and visitors about the importance of financial support and how it aligns with their faith and the church's mission.

8. Set Up an Online Giving Page

Online Giving Pages have become necessary to increase giving in your church. They provide a secure, convenient, and user-friendly way for members to contribute financially to the church's mission and welfare activities. Text-to-Give and Text-to-Donate services are another breakthrough in church giving for modern churches. This approach leverages the ubiquity of mobile phones to make giving as easy as sending a text message.

9. Collaboration with Local Businesses

We find the most remarkable church fundraisers often require the least planning and effort. All you need to do is enable the community and locals to support the cause through everyday expenses, like buying groceries, dining, and having snacks outside. Partnering with local businesses and various franchise businesses is an excellent opportunity to achieve that.

Business chains like Chipotle, Burger King, Target, and many others frequently sponsor "spirit nights" for schools, donating a portion of their sales to the featured institution. Extend this concept to your church by connecting with local businesses for similar fundraisers. Ensure your community knows these opportunities, making it easy for them to contribute while dining or shopping.

10. Artwork Contests

Host an event where people can showcase their creative side, which offers both entertainment and fundraising. Painting, photography, and artwork competitions are an artistic endeavor and the best way to collect funds. Experienced members in event management can easily manage craft nights. You also consider recording videos and live telecasts of those programs with access provided via a thank-you email or directly on social media. Customization flexibility is seamless through platforms like DonatoMo, enhancing the online fundraising experience.

11. Food Festivals

Indulge in the universally cherished tradition of a cook-off. The possibilities are endless, from classic chili cook-offs to inventive BBQ competitions and baking contests. Consider themed cook-offs that showcase local agriculture if your town has a unique culinary claim to fame.

Participants can contribute as an "entry fee," while those eager to test the creations can purchase a taster ticket. Boost the competitor's morale by awarding prizes to the winners, celebrating culinary prowess in style.

12. Award Function & Recognition

Recognize the unwavering dedication of your church's volunteers and staff with a captivating awards show. Acknowledge their hard work by presenting a range of accolades, from "most valuable volunteer" to " VBS volunteer."

The event can be as formal or informal as you desire and maintain a more relaxed ambiance. Encourage community members and locals to purchase tickets, but do not pressure them to make donations at the event, preserving your appreciation's sincerity.

13. 21 Days Lent Challenge for Locals

Leverage the reflective and generous spirit of the 21 days leading up to Easter with the "21 Days of Lent" fundraising challenge. Encourage members to give up modern luxuries, like coffee, dining out, movie nights, and street food, and save funds in jars provided by the church.

When Lent concludes, members return these jars to the church as a generous donation, aligning their spiritual commitment with giving. This approach combines sacrifice and charity to support your church's mission.

14. Sporting Event Parties

Transform the joy of watching major sporting events into festival and fundraiser events. Host sporting events in the backyard of the church, asking attendees to purchase reasonably priced tickets and bring snacks to share. Consider providing childcare for those with young children who might not be as interested in the sports action. These multi-purpose events offer fundraising, community engagement, and fellowship in a single package.

15. Old Books Auction

Declutter your church library's shelves and allow members to expand their collections with an old book auction. Invite congregants to contribute books from home, turning the sale into a community effort. Advertise the sale to the wider community to attract more participants and transform it into a larger-scale event with food and entertainment.

16. Church-Wide Rummage Sale

Turn surplus items from staff homes and community households into a grand congregation-wide rummage sale. Donated goods keep overhead costs low, and opening the sale to the community fosters new connections while introducing them to your church. Plan a tagging and setup gathering the night before to ensure a smooth event.

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17. Family Photo Day

Simplify the process of family photos by offering a designated day at church when everyone is already dressed in their Sunday best. Promote this photo opportunity, set up a basic photo studio, and charge for keepsake photos. Consider scheduling this event before the holiday season for Christmas card photo opportunities.

18. Weekend Movie Night

You don't need an elaborate setup for a movie night – it can be as simple as screening a film on the available projector. Charge an entrance fee and encourage attendees to bring their own comforts like pillows and chairs. To go the extra mile, collaborate with a local movie theater to host a movie night in one of their empty showrooms.

19. Church Talent Show

Unleash the talents within your congregation with a church talent show. Give members the opportunity to shine by registering their skill acts and then announce a date for the show. Sell tickets to cover setup costs and contribute to the church's funds. Elevate the event with stage setups, lighting, and sponsored food stalls. Such events are not just a fundraiser but a celebration of the diverse talents within your community.

20. Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

Peer-to-peer fundraising empowers individual church members to create crowdfunding pages linked to the church's cause. This approach personalizes the fundraising effort, allowing individuals to explain why the cause is meaningful, appealing to emotions, and driving donations. It's a chance for your community to rally their connections to support noble causes and give possible contributions.

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21. Seamless Giving with Digital Payment

In the modern age, providing online giving options is crucial. Digital payment allows church members to make contributions conveniently using their preferred payment gateway, making supporting their activities easier. The church can reach the next level with automated giving options that can also be set up to ensure consistent donations.

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Certainly, after discussing various ideas on “How to increase church giving,” ensure that your community is well-informed about these initiatives. One effective way to do this is through announcements. Rather than making fundraising an afterthought, proactively make announcements about upcoming events and activities in all offline and online communities.

Keep your communities informed and engaged with the fundraising efforts before or after the service, through bulletin listings, or in other gatherings like small groups, Wednesday night church, or Bible studies. These announcements raise awareness and encourage active participation, ensuring the success of your church's fundraising efforts.

Recap 21 Ways for Increase Giving in Your Church

Top Ways for Increase Giving in Your Church


Church management can adopt various innovative and effective fundraising ideas, from partnering with local businesses to organizing cook-offs to raffle baskets. Opt for modern technology for online giving options and fostering community members through sales and family events. Churches can increase giving by choosing the right strategies and nurturing relationships while strengthening their sense of community and holy purpose.