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The Ultimate Church Management Solution

The world’s most powerful online funding solution for
Religion Organizations

Religion Organizations

A giving platform built for religion organizations and our tools enables you to give securely from anywhere and at any time.


Church Management

We are here to make your daily church administration activities easy, so you can focus on more prominent tasks.

Nonprofit Organization

Nonprofit Organization

A fund management solution for any non profit organization and our tools enables you to give securely from anywhere and at any time.

Church Management Dashboard

Church Management Dashboard

Take advantage of our intuitive & Graphical Dashboard.

Our Dashboard shows

  • Total Donations and fund campaigns
  • Top Donor by categories
  • New Memberships
  • Recurring Donations
  • Upcoming Events
  • Prayer Time
  • Organization Campaigns

Manage Church data

Manage Church data
  • Powerful reporting insight with AI powered analytics.
  • Take the guesswork out of your mission with insights that drive action and results.
  • With MX GIVE’s analytics solutions, you'll:
  • Acquire new donors and inspire them to join your mission
  • Optimize fundraising to save time and improve ROI
  • Understand your fundraising efficacy and the unique personas of your donors



MX GIVE can streamline your member data to give you the most complete look at your supporter base that you’ve ever had. You can automate data entry and other tasks that take your attention away from running your organization.

And when it comes to running your organization, you can rely on MX GIVE Member module’s reporting and member profiles to help you craft personalized communications sure to bring you closer to your members!.

MX GIVE’s unique solutions can help you track member data, customize the membership experience, and enhance retention rates.

Recurring Donations

Recurring Donations

Donors can easily set up recurring giving with one click to improve giving consistency. Donors can choose from weekly, monthly or annual donations.

Recurring Donations are a great way for your donors to connect with your organization on a regular basis. In addition to creating a long-term relationship with these donors, you’re also adding an ongoing stream of revenue for your organization.

Recurring giving programs can be very beneficial to nonprofit & religious organizations.

Cash / Check Recording

Cash / Check Recording

Track your offline and online giving in one consolidated system with MX GIVE’s cash and check Donation entry tools. Collect Cash or check payments from Donors and register using MX GIVE’s back office to accurately allocate funds to the right categories.

Cash/Check recording can be done by either the staff member overseeing the organization finance or by the person with the Finance role who handles donations in your church’s finance office. Each church should decide their policy regarding this. If the donations are made to the Missions Office, then it is probably simpler for someone in that office follow the steps to record the contribution/s and then send the cash or checks to the Finance Office for deposit, letting them know that the contribution has been recorded.

Service Time

Service Time

Improve and manage all prayer timing for your organization in one simple layout. Many faith/religious organizations have set worship and pray timings and it is imperative to manage and update pray timing by date, day or month. We at MX GIVE understand this vital feature and have designed a module that clearly defines this Pray Time set in these institutions. This recorded information is then distributed to all platforms.

Events Management

Events Management

Raise more Money - Faster

MX GIVE makes it easy to organize and manage fundraising or special holiday/festival events. We at MX GIVE help to extend all the information around these events to our members. Our Event module clearly defines and outlines important details like title of the event, date, time, photos/videos and social media links. Once a new event is active, it is pushed to all Donation & Fund management platforms (Online, Mobile App, Kiosk)



Automate Member Communications Based On Preferences And Events

Member communication is key to success for many organizations. We at MX GIVE understand that effective and convenient communication can facilitate smooth functioning of the entire donation. Our Announcement module will help to establish one-on-one communication with members. With this intuitive feature, members can post any announcements, updates and news after admin approval so the rest of the members will be able to access this announcement or notification.

Media - Photos and Videos

Media - Photos and Videos

Acknowledge your Donors!

MX GIVE platform has the ability to upload pictures and videos from members or organizational staff and post it to multiple donation and fund management platforms. Become your own media manager by uploading to mobile apps, social media website or online giving platforms. This allows your organization to easily share this data with its members.


Do you want to automate your church’s daily operations? Church management software is the key. Not only does it track expenses, donations, and growth, but it also monitors tithes, event registrations, and memberships.

Additionally, the church management system also stores the contact details of members and visitors.

Proper church management is an ideal blend of spiritual and administrative responsibilities. Church management is software that has been created to organize, automate and manage daily operations.

Running a church is different from running a business. Both have hierarchical setups and divisional components, but a church depends heavily on member donations and contributions.

An online church management software manages finances, resources, and activities while increasing memberships. Once memberships rise, administrative and management tasks also increase. Church management software emerges as a savior to meet the increased church demands.

No solution can claim to be the best church management software for big and small businesses. Like businesses, every church is different. Choose a church CRM that automates and organizes your routine work while offering valuable features like membership management, contributions management, financial accounting, events management, pledge management, and much more.

Ensuring smooth and integrated church operations is essential.

Simply put, a church community builder is a web-based solution that helps integrate various aspects of church activities while facilitating effective communication.

Connecting with individuals inside and outside the church is demanding for church administration. Juggling various software tools to manage operations can lead to confusion and blunders.

Having all your tools and software in one repository is recommended. Despite that, we understand that merely having tools at your disposal is not enough. You must use such strong tools for strong processes, and a community builder can help you with that.

A church management system has plenty of productivity and management features that can help your church increase church members. Increased members will result in more tasks and processes. You need to invest in a church management system to experience the benefits below.

  • Church-centric platform
  • Management dashboard
  • Statistics and reporting
  • Events management
  • Check-in management
  • Contribution management