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Church Giving Kiosk Solutions

Religious organizations know the importance of streamlined processing, customer service, and CRM systems. They know that the value of CRM software is not just for business and retail industries but for non-profit institutions. Monitoring and keeping track of many members and keeping secure records of donors and fundraisers are equally important.

The past two years showed a major shift in church giving, especially after churches ceased meeting in person as a health and safety protocol for their members. Such an impact on the generosity practices and church giving showed up in the August 2020 study made by State of the Plate. The research was conducted about church giving and pastor care in 1,076 churches from all 50 states in the US.

The study clearly showed that the churches needed to offer digital giving solutions. Also, in its April 2020 State of the Plate poll, 48% of churches reached two to five times more people online than they typically reached during their weekly services. Thus, providing continuous online opportunities for member engagement. This post will discuss how CRM tools like giving kiosks for churches can achieve just that.

13 Reasons to Switch to Church Giving Kiosk Solutions

1. Kiosks Increase Giving

A church offering kiosk allows the congregation to choose the best option through credit or debit cards. It makes the giving process super convenient and allows the church to collect donations from people who no longer carry cash. People can give more if they have multiple options available, increasing the funds donated to the church.

2. Events Registration Is Simpler

Sometimes, people don't sign up for church events due to the complex registration process. A kiosk for church giving eliminates this obstacle.

For one, a church management software with a mobile app option allows members to sign up right in their pews as the event is announced.

You can integrate payment options right into the registration process by granting fees access to these events. With all these streamlined into your church's database, planning will be simpler and stress-free for everybody.

3. Online Giving Provides More Security

Every time a church member gives money through a digital online giving platform for churches, their money gets transferred directly into the church's bank account. There is an existing record of who gave, when, and how much. A card reader for churches and modern giving platforms processes transactions via TLS Encryption and is PCI-compliant.

Contact us today to get set up with our online giving platform.

4. Mobility

When using a cloud-based platform to power your kiosk, your website should be accessible to your church's kiosk. But don't forget that members can also access it 24/7 from any web-enabled device. Everyone walks around the church carrying a lobby kiosk in their pockets. They can access the lobby kiosk anytime through their mobile.

5. 24/7 Giving Outside of Service

Church giving kiosks increase members' opportunities to give. Whether you give before or after service, it's an easy way to donate and help the church while they're inside the building. So don't forget to mention this in your bulletin, signage, and announcements.

But if members fail to do so for whatever reasons, it's good to know they can still tithe, give, and donate 24/7, anytime, anywhere in seconds. It even allows them to set up recurring donations in the future. If interested, let’s discuss about the opportunities to use a church giving kiosk and fundraising platforms at your community gatherings.

6. Physical Reminder for Giving

Out of sight, out of mind, right? But it’s difficult to forget something right in front of you. Precisely why the giving kiosk for online donation also has push notifications that schedule gentle reminders for members to tithe.

Push notifications are pretty effective. You can schedule the date and time when these notifications go out. It won’t be too intrusive as only members who downloaded your app can receive these notifications.

7. Provision of Valuable Data

With cloud-based church giving kiosks, say goodbye to your manual data entry. They have powerful form builders that can distribute information wherever they go. For example, a church member wants to join an upcoming evangelical mission. They can input their info to join that event which will then send a notification to the head or leader of the said mission. It can even send follow-up emails via built-in integration.

8. Tools Integration

Digital technology is your friend as long as you know what you are doing. It can remove friction and make everything easier. For instance, new members can track their church journey and participate in various digital experiences with a custom website mobile app. Both make remote and in-person offerings seamless. These are examples of CRM programs your church ought to utilize.

9. Variety of Models to Suit Your Needs

You can choose different models based on your needs and church size:

  • Standalone Kiosks: Can stand in their enclosure. These can provide needed services to members because of their all-in-one structure.
  • Wallmount Kiosks: Flexible, durable, and space-saving solution. This is ideal for delivering various self-service transactions for church members. A fully integrated and wall-mounted system can provide all the capabilities and features of a larger system.
  • Countertop Kiosks: For churches that prefer compact and multi-touch computer kiosks. It is easy to use and has an adjustable monitor for churches and other industries wanting to save space while being super convenient.
  • Printer Kiosks: Here, users can print various documents depending on their needs or those requiring physical signatures before submission.
  • VESA Mount Kiosks: VESA is a standard for TV wall mounts and other wall mounting systems. The majority of TV brands adopt them. A VESA mounting solution secures your tablet and ensures your church kiosk is available 24/7.

10. Simultaneous Giving

Two or more people can give simultaneously depending on the number of available giving kiosks for churches. The advantage of the kiosk is that it reminds the integrated platform members about your church's system. It is a tap away, inside your pocket, via your mobile device.

11. Allows brand customization

Most church kiosk software providers allow customization for the kiosk’s digital look. You can use your church’s colors and logo and display your church name on the forms, menus, etc. This is crucial for people to identify your church’s kiosk and establish trust in their tithing platform.

12. Digital revolution relics

There is no reason to fear technology, especially if used correctly. It allows seamless processes and transactions and provides the utmost safety and security for your peace of mind. So you can give with ease anytime, anywhere.

13. Versatile and Engaging Church Apps

Church kiosks provide some of the most versatile engagement-increasing apps available. So aside from tithing, pledges, donations, and fund-raising, it is simpler than ever to submit your prayer requests. Members can now listen to sermons while on the go or have notifications about the church's latest announcements, upcoming events, and registration.

If you want learn more about benefits of online giving for churches, you can reach out.

Why Getting a CRM System Like Church Giving Kiosks Makes You A Winner

The only permanent thing in this world is change. And the sooner that businesses, industries, and religious organization adapt, the better. Realizing that everyone is walking around with mobile church giving kiosks in their pockets should not be a cause of fear and anxiety but a celebration. Generous giving becomes more convenient, and people near or far stay more connected than ever.